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"But I shall show you a still more excellent way" 1Cor12

What your Doctor won't tell you about Birth Control... and may not even know him/herself. →

A problem exists with the way medicine is currently practiced. One issue is that things really aren’t set up so doctors can get to know their patients well, thoroughly answer all questions and concerns, and also adequately inform their patients of all options and the ramifications of each one. A 15 minute office visit just doesn’t lend itself to this. This is true in the area of birth control just as anywhere else. Overworked doctors, little rapport, a multi-billion dollar contraceptive industry, and incomplete education for OB/GYNs can make it difficult for patients to really know what happens to their bodies with any given birth control method. I passionately believe that women deserve to know how their bodies naturally work and how each form of contraception interferes with their natural functioning. How can they give informed consent without it?

This is a simple, yet thorough explanation about the things doctors may not tell women about Birth Control and probably don’t know themselves.  In fact, I’d HOPE doctors don’t know this, or else I’d be enraged to know they’re shelling out scripts left and right knowingly putting women at such risks.  

This week has been National NFP Awareness Week, and wouldn’t you know it, I haven’t posted a single thing!  I told you I was off my groove.  I’ll try to share some of the more exciting and informative posts I’ve read this week, later today or tomorrow.  

This is EXCELLENT.  Dr. Helen Alvaré, professor of law at George Mason School of law, brings common sense logic, intellect, empirical evidence, and many more resources to the table to talk about human sexuality, feminism, religious freedom and of course the HHS mandate.  

If you are at all concerned about your freedom to practice your religion -not just for Catholics!- and if you are at all concerned for women’s rights, I recommend finding the time to watch this.  I watched it in intervals throughout my morning in between our breakfast, diaper changings, play routine. It’s 53 minutes long but worth the insight if you seem to be finding yourself grappling for the empirical evidence needed to combat the irrational rhetoric used from opposers to shut us up lest we feel like we are “WAGING A WAR ON WOMEN!”  

Oh yes, a war is being waged on women, but it is from the very mouths of the individuals who are accusing us of it.  …and the sad thing is, they hardly realize it!  (…only the very dangerous ones do.)

 They hardly realize it because they are choosing to ignore the empirical evidence, and the common sense logic.  They believe in no moral absolutes.  They believe that a human is defined solely to the core of his/her being by sexual impulses.  ”DO WHAT FEELS GOOD.”  They liken us to animals, mere creatures among the dogs and cats: to be neutered and spayed.

When a society believes that the core of a person’s identity is defined by their sexual desires, we reduce ourselves to that type of poverty of ignorance to our full human capability.  

It’s atrocious that so many Americans are just sitting by, reading about Snooki’s pregnancy, or what celebrities look like without make-up, or garbling about the wage-earning gap between men and women.  

Dr. Alvaré says, “feminism has ONLY gotten us birth control and abortion.  It didn’t get us anything toward work life balance; to the extent we have it, we fought for it one woman at a time.”  

I believe she’s darn right.  And how sad is that!?  We’ve got our birth control, our abortions, but we are still angry: we still feel unequal.  We still feel objectivized by men.

WHY IS THAT, we angrily wonder?  We write and talk and shout.  We burn our bras and panties in proclamation of our “sexual freedom” yet we are still not free.  

Because we reduce our WORTH as a human being to our sexual “deficiencies” and desires.

Oddly enough as it may seem to secular society (the non-religious), Catholicism and many other Christian denominations ACTUALLY TEACH that human beings are MORE than their sexuality. Much more.  

And this is what our government does NOT believe.  Women are being treated like chattel, reduced to their fertility and nothing more.  ”Women NEED abortion, women NEED birth control in order to be equal” the government and secular society tell us.  Yet we are still angry.

This type of stuff is what is and should be so important to all women.  Yet, it’s not easy to read or to listen to.  It’s not like reading a cheap 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight or watching The View or any sort of entertainment.  

This is REAL STUFF.  This is reality.  So many women, it seems to me, hide their faces behind the fiction, the TV shows, the magazines and don’t utilize the time instead to do the hard work and really think and question what is going on and why.  

All I seem to see from some of the more obtusely loud individuals is, “I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS!” “WOMEN DESERVE EQUALITY” “WOMEN AREN’T OBJECTS”  …and it’s normally followed with comments of many other angry women in ignorant support, with no intellectual, logical thought or questions to follow it.  Just a bunch of angry rhetoric.  

I am so tired of angry, empty rhetoric.  It doesn’t explain or demand anything but anger and irritation.   

What I hardly see from these angry women is work.  There seems to be no digging or scratching of the surface of motives or questioning of who are the people behind the movement and what is their motive, and from where have the motives derived, and are they founded in moral logic?   And by the way, what IS moral logic?

This is serious, and The View doesn’t dig into it, doesn’t even use a little gardening tool to shuffle through the loosely laid fertilizer. 

Women need to be reading for themselves.  This video helps, but only if you understand  the basics of moral absolutism.  And that goes to the very root of …well.. everything.  

And if as a woman, the phrases “moral absolutism”, “inherent dignity”, “secular society”, “objectivism”, and “moral relativism” sound boring or confusing even, you’ve got work to do.  It is in everyone’s urgent interest to become interested  in the meaning of these words and how they apply to how we are being viewed and treated today.  

It is paramount to even understanding how we understand and respect ourselves as individuals.

It is work.  Work is hard.  But this work makes us a smarter, stronger people for it.  And nothing worth having in this world is easy to get.  

I know, at the end of the day, I want to rest.  I want to watch a movie or read a good fiction book.  Nothing’s wrong with that.  But there is something wrong if that’s all we EVER do.  

 I find time to do this reading, listening and watching.  I choose, instead of creeping my Facebook “friend’s” status updates and latest acquirement of material possessions, to read and watch this type of stuff I post about.  I do it in segments.  I read at least an article a day.  It can be from anything, really.  I take note of the author and find out about the author.  I read supporting articles, I find other resources attached to the articles.  I discover where they come from and upon which foundation they are rooted.

Because at the end of the day, this is really what is going on in our nation and we individually have an obligation as an American citizen to KNOW it!  …not what Lucy just bought her three year old for Christmas… 

THIS is a great place to start, if you’ve never (or ever) thought about the question “What is right, and what is wrong, and who are YOU to judge me?!” 

THIS is a beautiful explanation of understanding the dignity and equality of ALL human life. 

THIS is a great place to start forming thoughts or different views upon what REALLY is sexual intercourse for.  

Here is a small clip of a series of videos that more simply describes the text above.

and THIS is a great book that discusses the consequences and paradox of the sexual revolution (when contraceptives were normalized).  And don’t let the title deceive you, it’s not some hyper-biblical lunatic writing about ADAM AND EVE… it’s written by a well-educated -gasp!- WOMAN.

 What I have given above as references can be a starting point.  Yes, lots of it is from Catholic authors.  There are thousands of other authors to choose from, but I have been able to more easily identify and understand these authors.  I recently told an acquaintance that the key to understanding these topics comes from being able to actually enjoy the work you’re doing; by identifying with the author, by enjoying how he/she writes or speaks.  These people spoke to me and that’s why I give them as references, in hopes that others will find it easy to read as well.  And then, that they will hunger to read more and branch out their own way!  

It takes a long time to get to know and fully come to understand the meaning of some of the vocabulary used.  Keep reading, questioning, digging. I started questioning in high school, continued through 5 years of college, and I am STILL reading.  I am still digging, I am still questioning.  It becomes a life-long burden… a good and worthy burden to educate and arm ourselves with.  Because then we can teach it to others, to our children.  We can awaken the ignorant and the lukewarm impassiveness of the couch potato laborers who think no further than the soap operas they gape at and the mundane family dramas they relish talking about.

Pope Benedict XVI's Holy Thursday Homily →

His words are BEAUTIFUL. I read this in mind with everything for which I fight. “it is not my will- MY PLEASURE, MY CHOICE, MY BODY- but Your will, o God.”

"The stance of Adam was: not what you, O God, have desired; rather, I myself want to be a god. This pride is the real essence of sin. We think we are free and truly ourselves only if we follow our own will. God appears as the opposite of our freedom. We need to be free of him – so we think – and only then will we be free. This is the fundamental rebellion present throughout history and the fundamental lie which perverts life. When human beings set themselves against God, they set themselves against the truth of their own being and consequently do not become free, but alienated from themselves. We are free only if we stand in the truth of our being, if we are united to God. Then we become truly “like God” – not by resisting God, eliminating him, or denying him. In his anguished prayer on the Mount of Olives, Jesus resolved the false opposition between obedience and freedom, and opened the path to freedom. Let us ask the Lord to draw us into this “yes” to God’s will, and in this way to make us truly free. Amen."

The Protestant Pill Predicament →

This is a wonderful elementary intro to the predicament a pro-life Protestant faces while s/he believes it is okay and good to use chemical contraceptives. 

Reading on down after the article, though, are the comments.  Ohh those are always fun..
I was particularly stricken with this one:

So how do the women that want to have sex, but not get pregnant, protect themselves? Condoms do not work 100% of the time and you cannot always rely on the boy to be honest about that in the heat of the moment. And I am not even talking about women having random hook ups. Why isn’t there a contraceptive that works before conception? I believe all of your research, but to say women should not take it is absurd. After reading this, I will keep my IUD in, as i do not want to get pregnant, but still want to be able to have sex with my boyfriend that I have lived with for two years. I am not financially, emotionally or physically prepared to bring a child into the world so I would much rather prevent it in the first place. If there was a contraceptive that stopped it before conception, I would consider switching, but I would not take it out without an alternative. To those who say I should not be having sex if I am not ready for the consequences are ridiculous. Sex is not only to have kids. It is also a pleasurable experience that I will not give up. I agree that women should be informed of this information, but those that choose to continue with it should not be looked down on or seen as pro-choice, although I am and will proudly tell anyone that asks. It is a woman’s choice whether she wants to have a child, and if not, she should not be punished and not able to have sex responsibly.

I replied to her with as little of words as I felt necessary. But now, on my own “turf” I shall expound.  Oh goodie:


The responsible thing would be to honestly question the true purpose of sex.
Sex is for procreation.

If sex was meant for side dishes of pleasure only, we wouldn’t have to “protect” ourselves from the occasional “mistaken child” that is the product of the act!
If sex were painful, we would cease to exist as a human race because no one likes pain, duh.
Sex is pleasurable for the sake of humanity’s existence.
"Responsible" sex, therefore, is the kind that is mindful of its purpose, not solely of its pleasure.

So when someone says, “I think sex isn’t just for making babies, it’s for pleasure that I will not give up”

Let us re-read that again, shall we?

There’s is our typical act of willful refusal. 

I will not give up my pleasure.


So to (sadly) many, sex is not a union of two people becoming one.  
There is no self-giving love. There is no fully self-sacrificing, self-bearing, life-giving love.
The only “love” present is the love of self.

Even though someone may actually comprehend, understand, and admit that life begins at conception, that contraceptives can actually abort the conceived life, and that they perhaps might have been doing this for years, they WILL NOT give up their pleasure.

My pleasure is worth more to me than the brand new human life I may or may not have just flushed down the toilet.

Just so we are all square, there are other ways than contraceptives.

We as women should be ashamed if we do not know about our femininity- how our fertility works.
There are a handful of days -less than that!- out of the month that a woman can actually conceive a child.

Can we go 3-4 days out of the month without having sex? Are we not mindless, impulsive animals? Are we not capable of a tiny percentage of self control?

The prejudice against taking a natural course on human nature and fertility astounds me.

This is especially amazing since we have become a culture so bent on eating naturally processed foods and staying away from meats that have been injected with artificial hormones.
But we’ll inject ourselves with artificial hormones? So that we may have pleasure whenever we want it? Spastic, momentary, fractional pleasure? That sounds fairly animalistic to me: impulsive, irrational, unthinking, illogical.
 How unfulfilling.

How upside-down it seems!

But how very telling it is about the pro-choice ideology.


Unwilling to consider the value of another human being who is the absolute product of the act which brings about human life.

If you dont want life, figure out when you’re fertile and dont to the deed that is designed to create life during those 3 days. 
Pretty simple, no?
Outside of the spiritual and religious understandings and teachings of sexual relations, it really is that simple, natural and organic. 

I Think it's Cute How Much Jezebel Loves Being Wrong About Things →

The article above, by Kristen Walker, echoes what I continue to write about the Pill as a regulator of women’s hormones and as an abortifacient.  I love reading about other women who believe they deserve better, who took a road less-traveled, asked questions, and talked to other women.  She too, has found the “still more excellent way” and will always be healthier for it.  Bravo for a woman with an engaging brain! 

"But what Sandra Fluke and others are screaming about is that women use birth control pills for things other than preventing pregnancy, such as regulating periods and correcting hormonal imbalances. Now, I know a little something about hormonal imbalances. I won’t go into detail, but I experienced hormonal imbalance so severely that I experienced “that time of the month” non-stop for 18 months. (Looky there, I just went into detail.) I became severely anemic and very sick. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and adrenal fatigue, among other things. "

Mathematical Proof the Birth Control FAILS. →


har har.  Just wanted to quickly share this smarty-pants blog.  It’s funny, quick-witted, and easy for even a mathematically-handicapped individual such as myself to understand.

It suggests that yet again, increased use of BC leads to increased Abortion.  Thus, feeding back into the abortion BUSINESS. Our president has vested interests in keeping that business BOOMING.

"Thus, birth control over time normalizes abortion.

We knew that, but this calculation proves it using their own reported estimates. Of course the other alternative is to be “fixed” like an irrational animal with implants, injections or surgery, something Catholics also oppose because we are taught that to be fully human we must use our intellect and will to strive to be virtuous. Animals, as you know, can’t do math either. “

An Evangelical Perspective on How the Pill Causes Early Abortion →

Good morning!  
My mom shared this on FB after she told me she’d been reading his book.  I cheated and read the condensed version and now I thought I’d quickly share it as well.  It’s an evangelical’s perspective on the Pill and how it can cause early abortions.  I always tend to share pro-life articles from Catholic authors… since it most of the pro-lifers that are vocal enough about it seem to be Catholic.  But here’s a Protestant!  Good things, to see the different branches of Christ’s church come together :)

Here’s a short excerpt to capture interest, of course:

"Christian physicians, however, very much do not want to believe the Pill causes early abortions. Therefore, I believe, they tend to resist the evidence. This is certainly understandable. Nonetheless, we should not permit what we want to believe to distract us from what the evidence indicates we should believe.

I have mentioned my own vested interests in the Pill that at first made me resist the evidence suggesting it could cause abortions. Dr. Larimore came to this issue with even greater vested interests in believing the best about the birth control pill, having prescribed it for years. When he researched it intensively over an eighteen-month period, in what he described to me as a “gut wrenching” process that involved sleepless nights, he came to the conclusion that in good conscience he could no longer prescribe hormonal contraceptives, including the Pill, the Minipill, Depo-Provera, and Norplant.”

And I’ll leave off with this thought:
Many people become pregnant while on the pill.  I personally know many.  I’m related to loved ones who were a “surprise” to their Pill-taking parents.  We know this happens. We know the Pill fails.  We can then, also conclude that when the Pill doesn’t fail, we cannot be certain in what extreme the chemicals have prevented the life from implanting.  Can you be absolutely certain that at any given time, your partner’s sperm and your egg did not unite to form the “fertilized egg”?  I put quotations around those words because they are not scientifically accurate.  Once the egg is fertilized, it’s no longer an egg.  ”It’s” a newly created human being with his/her own DNA.  
If you cannot be %100 certain that this hasn’t happened while taking the pill, then you cannot be certain that the pregnancies you’re “avoiding” aren’t actually babies you’re (unknowingly) aborting.  
Those are harsh terms to come to reconcile. Very uncomfortable.. but also very true.  

Along with the mounting evidence that chemical contraceptives are not healthy for a woman (check my previous posts for reference materials), I cannot support a medicine that gives even a %1 chance that my baby will be aborted.  

How can I approach the Gates of Heaven and face the children to whom I should have given birth?  What excuse could I possibly give them or GOD for my ignorance that would be worthy? Nothing.  

So I do not take the pill.  I have all of the children I am given. And I am so blessed and joyous to be able to say I’ve gotten to see their beautiful faces while on this earth.  What a true blessing.  Seriously.  

Studies: Birth Control, Contraception Don’t Cut Abortions →

One study, based on Centers for Disease Control data, established clear links between birth control and increases in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STD increases are a very reliable indicator of increased sexual activity and show that contraception is wrongly perceived as low-cost insurance — a perception that motivates increased sexual activity.

And more sex means more pregnancies. Why? Because contraception is far from 100% effective, and with mass distribution of contraception comes a commensurate increase in sexual activity. More pregnancies will result because contraception fails in predictable percentages.

It is noteworthy that failure rates are highest in Planned Parenthood’s customer base:

Failures are highest among cohabitating and other unmarried women, among low income, African-American and Hispanic women, among adolescents and women in their 20s. For example, adolescent women who are not married but cohabitating experience a failure rate of about 47% in the first year of contraceptive use.

"It is noteworthy that failure rates are the highest in Planned Parenthood’s customer base"

“We have to keep these people as patients” and “We must turn every call and visit into a revenue-generating client.”

How can one not see these connections to Planned Parenthood?  How can even the pro-choice advocate not be disgusted with Planned Parenthood?  Am I wrong in believing that a pro-choicer still believes that helping women in need is at the core of their advocacy?

How can we actually believe that contraception is good and healthy for a woman?  

Unless we believe that pregnancy is a DISEASE, then, yes contraception (sometimes) will cure us of that ailment.  And only SOMETIMES: 

Planned Parenthood concedes on their website that, “Being continuously abstinent is the only way to be absolutely sure that you won’t have an unintended pregnancy or get a sexually transmitted disease (STD)… abstinence is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. It also prevents STDs.”14 On their chart comparing the effectiveness of different birth control methods, Planned Parenthood estimates that 2-9% of pill users will get pregnant in any given year and 15-24% of condom users will still wind up with an unplanned pregnancy.15 Abby Johnson makes a revealing observation concerning her own birth control history. “There’s an incredible irony,” she writes, “in the fact that I had a career in educating women about contraception and yet, for the third time, conceived while using contraceptives.”16 If you scoff at the CDC assertion that 12% of the women using birth control still wind up pregnant, consider that even a professional, sex-educator – the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic wound up with three unplanned pregnancies – all while using contraceptives.  


  • But does chemical contraceptives prevent cancer? Umm, no. Chemical contraceptives actually increase the risks of Breast and Uterine cancer.    (#5.2, pg 169 from the World Health Organization)
  • What about AIDS? Sexually Transmitted Diseases??  Taken from the link at the title of this entry :
    One study, based on Centers for Disease Control data, established clear links between birth control and increases in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STD increases are a very reliable indicator of increased sexual activity and show that contraception is wrongly perceived as low-cost insurance — a perception that motivates increased sexual activity.”

How can we sanely rationalize that contraceptives are overall beneficial for a woman, unless the only —ONLY— benefit that an advocate has in his/her tunnel vision is to NOT BE PREGNANT?

 Are we so blinded by our desire to have consequence-free sex on demand that we will negate the other, much more life threatening issues as unimportant, so long as we don’t get pregnant?   

Pam Stenzel, an international speaker of chastity and abstinence, says in one of her talks that before she began speaking, she was a counselor for women in crisis for 15 years.  She says that many of the girls would heave a huge sigh of relief when they found out that their pregnancy test came back negative.  

Then Pam would ask, “but have you been tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, trichinoma, vulvadema, urethritis, hepatitis B, HPV or HIV? You have a four times greater chance of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease than you do of becoming pregnant.” 

And Pam goes on to say that the girls will look at her, incredulous to the reality of something far worse than being PREGNANT.  (

"Pregnancy won’t kill you. But an STD… that’s a different story." she says.

This is why, when pro-choice advocates scoff at the idea of teaching our youth chastity and abstinence, I shake my head.  WHY NOT? 

Teach them how to “BE SAFE”???   Safe from what?
STD’s?  The data from above dispels that illusion. It even dispels the pregnancy illusion. 

 I don’t think that saying “they’re going to do it anyway” is a responsible way to teach our youth that there is such a thing as “safe” sex.  Because outside of a marriage that combines two people who’ve been abstinent up until that point, there is no such thing as safe sex.  No such thing.

 We need to have more faith that young people are more than just dogs or cats in heat.  They’re human, given their own free will.  The will to say, “No, I am worth more than that, and SO ARE YOU.”

It’s time to teach our youth the truth. 

A Bible Study on Contraceptives →

Ohhh man.  I’m bringing out the Christianity!  Heaven forbid I have a religious affiliation to dampen my credit.  

Oh well.

Here it is, a very short, study from home Bible Study on Contraceptives. But wait— it’s written by CATHOLICSZZZ?!?!?  YEAH. I think if one is open to finding the Truth, one might give it a try. A heartfelt try.  A prayerful try.  If one is not open to finding Truth, one will scoff, exit my post, or even take the time to comment, dissect and insult —probably using the F-word a few lovely times— what I’m representing here.  That’s fine, show your colors :)

Anyway, I’ve actually never done a Bible study about this before.  I scanned through it and it looks wholesome and involved in stirring moral conscience.  I was actually a little shocked —in a good way— after reading an excerpt from Christopher West that’s included in this little study:

More thoughts on contraception

From Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West

What purpose does Contraception really serve? This might sound odd at first, but let it sink in. Contraception was not invented to prevent pregnancy. We already had a 100% safe, 100%reliatble way of doing that –abstinence. In the final analysis, contraception serves one purpose: to spare us the difficulty we experience when confronted with the choice of abstinence. When all the smoke is cleared, contraception was invented because of our lack of self-control; contraception was invented to serve the indulgence of lust.

Why do we spay or neuter our dogs and cats? Because they can’t say no to their urge to merge; they’re not free. If we spay and neuter ourselves with contraception, we’re reducing the “great mystery” of the one flesh union to the level of Fido and Fidette in heat. What distinguished us from the animals in the first place? Freedom! God gave s freedom as the capacity to love. Contraception negates this freedom. It says, “I can’t abstain.” Hence, contracepted intercourse not only attacks the procreative meaning of sex, it “ceases also to be an act of love.” If you can’t say no to sex, what does your “yes” mean? Only the person is free with the freedom for which Christ set us free (Gal 5:1) is capable of authentic love.”

And, because my babies need me, I’ll leave it at that.  I hope this is useful :)

The Scientific Basis for defending ALL human life. →

Oh, Science.  I love how “opinions” about when life begins cannot hold a candle to you.

How this is relevant to birth control:  It flushes your body of the newly created human life, when after trying to implant, the tiny, unique human life cannot attach and is thus aborted into the toilet while the mother experiences bleeding and what she imagines to just be her period. I’ve given citations for this before. But since we live in a world that, without the answer given immediately, with no effort on behalf of the reader, they’ll dismiss it to mere “opinion”, here you go:

from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  Note they use the scientifically incorrect term “fertilized egg”.   

Bear With Me on This One, and Please Forgive Me. →

Again. Look at it. It’s SCIENCE, not religion, that explains why birth control is TERRIBLE for you and your baby that you may never know you had. This is a truth that is hard to come by. Why? Because then when we accept it, we have to accept a greater responsibility for our reproductive health.

AS WE SHOULD. I am a woman for goodness sake! Why wouldn’t I want to know how my amazing female body works? And how would knowing hurt me? For certain, it takes some work. It takes some time out of my day, reading and studying. I’ve got two toddlers and a house to keep up along with constant morning sickness- I do it. Isn’t it worth it to any true feminist? To know what her body does and can do? To not want to suppress her natural gift of nature?

I feel like the other “feminists” who ignorantly claim that a fetus is “my body” are unknowingly and woefully mislead by MEN: Men who want to have sex without consequence. Many partners. Dispose of any evidence of abuse. Men who paint and market women as objects that can be tailored to look however they want (hair extensions? Implants? Injections? Lingerie? Plastic surgery? Anyone?), used to momentarily satisfy their spastic sexual fantasy, only to be able to dump the object and move onto the next one. “GIT ER DUN!”

What are those “feminists”, really? They think they’re really independent??? Sexual freedom? It’s enslavement. In her sexual revolution, this woman has chained herself to a (crappy) man, to do his bidding. For a man’s pleasure. A man who doesn’t value a woman and her dignity, her true femininity, her true beauty and mystique as a rightful to-be-revered creation. To push for birth control. “I don’t want you getting pregnant and ruining my life” so pop a Pill and let’s get it on, woman!

Or these feminists think poppin that cancer inducing pill will ensure them true equality in the workplace, a rewarding career. They think children are the enslavement. I hate to inform those “feminists” that if it weren’t for their mother, and her love or “enslavement”, they wouldn’t be blessed with the chance to scratch their way up the career ladder they’re scaling at the moment. I feel like these “feminists” have a shallow, puddle-like view of their world and the worth of their life.
I’m stopping right there. Being in the first trimester and having a 1 & 2.5 year old -one who’s sick right now- it sometimes takes me a week of periodic writing to complete one blog entry. I go at it like it’s my job or something… ANYWAY— What I wrote above was laced -actually FUMIGATED- with anger, over-generalization and sarcasm.

It’s so easy to be angry after reading or witnessing ignorance parading as intelligence.

And even at that, ignorance can be intelligent.

Here are my renewed thoughts, and this time, with compassion and love:

I’ve been sick to death wondering why so many women ignore the science of chemical contraceptives: That they increase the risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer. That they mask the ailments a woman has and don’t treat her problem. That they have the ability to chemically abort an already conceived human being.

It angers me that women are so stubbornly supportive of such a chemical, even to the extent that they are willing to risk chemically aborting a human they’ll never see in order to better plan for their future.

The link above provides scientific fact behind my assertions. I have many more scientific links in support throughout my blog but I’m not taking the time to retrieve them… I realized today that many women in support of contraceptives believe there is no other way.

What got me to calm down happened today, obviously… I read an article by Kristen Walker, a pretty retro, hip and funny pro-life advocate. I love her astute honesty and sometimes I (regretfully) relish her brutal generalizations on the left-minded pro-abort individual.

So, in my constant nagging way, I shared it with my Facebook pals.
One of my high school friends commented saying that while the article was funny and entertaining, she felt she was being more responsible by taking birth control so that she could better herself -finish school, save money, own house- before starting a family. She asked why she should be made to feel irresponsible for doing that: improving her life.

I love my friend. How can I possibly want to make her feel like she’s doing the wrong thing, and she’s a bad person for wanting to plan for her future? I could never!

I realized that while both sides are busy telling each other who’s wrong and who’s right, hardly anyone is giving the safer alternative. I am so constantly trying to edify my correctness with the facts that I don’t provide the ways to know better.

The answers are out there. They’re just kind of hard to find.

By my friend’s calculations, she is doing the right thing. She’s trying to be the best she can be, the safest she can be and the smartest.

But what she doesn’t seem to fully know is what I so angrily introduced in the beginning of this entry: a woman’s natural way of telling her what’s going on.

This is a woman’s responsibility. She will be empowered to know it.
We are given boobs, a uterus and ovaries for a reason. Yes, they are for a baby, but they tell us more than that.
It’s hard work, understanding this and trying to improve ourselves. Many times, it requires a lifestyle change: no smoking/drinking, diet change, exercise etc. But it is, IT IS the better way. It is the healthiest way.

While the question of whether or not chemical contraceptives cause or reduce the risk of cancer is constantly being battled, this alternative zeros out the question completely. This natural way, can probably reduce risks to any cancer, providing that it requires a woman to live in the healthiest way according to her personal needs possible.

This is what pro-lifers should be concerned about just as much as saving lives. I know many are focused on this too…. but many others are just angry. Don’t be angry! No one responds to anger well.

I am so guilty of this. Almost 3 years ago I wrote an entry filled with frustration and anger at the ignorance of many toward their understanding of chemical contraceptives. The article was supported with truth but written with malice. It rendered some family members who have been close to me all my life very distant. VERY distant. I made those people feel accused of doing something terrible.

While what they may or may not have been doing is still wrong, according to science and Christianity, they closed their hearts to it because of the manner in which I presented it.

Since then, I have tried to be careful and compassionate, mainly posting articles that support my findings instead of writing my thoughts alone.

You live, you learn.

So here we are again, Contraceptives the hot topic because of the HHS Obama Mandate. I have an opportunity to talk, write and educate people about it. I can offer what I know!

I’m going to try to do just that. If I can, legally… It will take some time ( LIKE MONTHS ), because as I said, I don’t have hours on end to sit and research and write. But I hope to be part of the community that wishes to bring a woman up, to help her understand her body better than to suppress it with fake hormones that can harm her in the long run.
I pray for the perseverance!

The American Holocaust- when is it okay to kill a human being? →

I (only) have two babies and am in the process of moving to a new house- I took the 30 minutes to watch this documentary and was amazed at the change in these individual’s logic by simply being asked the right questions. It’s about the Holocaust. Yes, the Nazi Germany Holocaust… But also about the American Holocaust. It’s about discrimination. It’s about life. If there’s even a fraction of a percent of a chance that a human life might be ended by your action, would you take it? Do you value all human life? Or do you only value your human life?

This documentary has the power to change lives, and save them too.